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document | The Lumbard language by isoglosses of Sprach und Sach Atlas italiens und der südschweiz. 03a

aboriginal peoples of Alpine hinterland

This map of dialects (or indigenous languages) edited in 1977 after the “Sprach und Sach Atlas italiens und der südschweiz” census (carried out from 1920 to 1943) show the Lumbard language isoglosses how are fastened to Alpine languages and to adjacent languages of Altaitalia, with isoglosse n.7 of vowel “ü” and n.13 demolition of “double” consonants, when isoglosse n.4 is by Ligurians and n.5 is by Piedmonteis. Three wide groups of Ladin languages are included west of isoglosse n.7 as Val di Non, Val di Fiemme, Val Badia.