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Why joining the IDIL community?

As a user, you will have access to a collaborative platform where you will be able to create events, share information and upload resources that concern your work and that of your organization, and to share news stories that contribute to the promotion and protection of Indigenous languages. In this way, you will also be able to learn about events happening around the world, and to have access to useful resources, tools and news that will further your knowledge of Indigenous issues and languages. You will also be able to connect with members from all over the world, learn about their work, and exchange with them through the Forum tool. Please follow this link to register as individual or organization:

All users must be aware that by registering they become users of the website dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022-2032, rather than partners of UNESCO.


User registration

We hope you will join the IDIL2022-2032 platform by creating your own events, sharing resources and information about ongoing activities in your neighborhood, city, country or region, exchanging and connecting with other stakeholders active in the domain of Indigenous languages through the forums, learn about their work and contribute to the building of a global community of actions for Indigenous languages.


Step 1

Firstly, you need to register by filling out the appropriate registration form.

Once you have completed the form, submit it and wait for confirmation from the moderator.

You will receive an e-mail confirming you have been approved as a user.


Step 2

Once you have become a registered user you can start contributing to the platform.


Step 3

You can also:

  • Develop a project

  • Create and maintain a community

  • Share latest content

  • Suggest tools and solutions

  • Develop and share a story

  • Look for and establish partnerships

  • Run webinars

  • Offer training

  • Publish your research

  • Provide financial support

Register an event/activity

Join the IDIL community by creating an account.

Create event/activity by fulfilling the form




Join the IDIL community by creating an account.

Apply for partnership by fulfilling the Partnership Request form