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video | Talking Planet Mi’kmaw Ep4 Teeth

Talking Planet Mi’kmaw Episode 4 'Teeth' - Mimi and Pip brush Momo's monster teeth!

Welcome to Talking Planet, an animated language teaching tool for early learners and their families. It has been developed specifically to bring indigenous and minority endangered languages into the home and the digital world through the gentle adventures of Mimi, Pip and Momo.

We use animation to deliver language learning through the same techniques that we all use to learn to speak our first language. Each episode features two or three new verbs made into a short humorous story performed by the colourful trio with dual language inserted text to allow families to follow the dialogue.

Each language project is a collaboration between our team at Talking Planet and the Language Keepers, experts, and speakers in the communities we support.

In particular we would like to thank everyone involved for allowing us the privilege and honour of working with the Mi’kmaw language and their community to make these episodes happen as follows:

Mi’kmaw language version has been produced in association with the Mawita’mk Society and their community.

Mi’kmaw language translation by Charlotte Poulette, with Alexis Googoo (Ba’ti), Kenny Prosper and Carol Anne Johnson.

Voice Coaching by Charlotte Poulette and Sheila May Johnson.

Voices by Christina Mae Stevens, Colton D. C. Poulette and Riley Levy Poulette.

Voices recorded by Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Funded by:
The Nova Scotia Government, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
Telus Friendly Futures Foundation
The Mi’kmaq Confederacy of Prince Edward Island

Dedicated to the memory of Margaret (Magit) Poulette (1943 – 2022) ‘Your language is part of your spirit’.

Talking Planet, created by Cadi Catlow. ©Cadi Catlow 2023
If you would be interested in knowing more about our language support work, please email at: .

Visit our YouTube channel for the full set of episodes: @TalkingPlanet