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video | Talking Planet Gaelic Ep 3 Bed

Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 2 'Bath' - Mimi and Pip give muddy Momo a bubble bath!

Welcome to Talking Planet, an animated language teaching tool for early learners and their families. It has been developed specifically to bring indigenous and minority endangered languages into the home and the digital world through the gentle adventures of Mimi, Pip and Momo.

We use animation to deliver language learning through the same techniques that we all use to learn to speak our native tongue. Each episode features two or three new verbs made into a short humorous story performed by the colourful trio with dual language inserted text to allow families to follow the dialogue.

Each language project is a collaboration between our team at Talking Planet and the Language Keepers, experts and speakers in the communities we support.

Gaelic language version funded by and in collaboration with the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, The Office of Gaelic Affairs, Government of Nova Scotia. Also in association with Community Partner Féis an Eilein.

And with huge thanks to the translation, voice and audio teams, including the star pupils and teachers from Rankin School of the Narrows for their authentic voices and language coaching.

Also with a huge apology to Evelyn Macmillan from the voice cast, who we listed mistakenly as Evelyn Mackinnon in the credits - so sorry Evelyn and thank you so much for being part of Talking Planet Gaelic!

Talking Planet, created by Cadi Catlow. ©Cadi Catlow 2023
If you would be interested in knowing more about our language support work, please email at:

Visit our channel for the full set of episodes: @TalkingPlanet

Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 1 'Friends' - Mimi and Pip play ball and Momo makes a friend!
Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 2 'Bath' - Mimi and Pip give muddy Momo a bubble bath!
Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 3 'Bed' - Mimi and Pip make tired Momo a bed.
Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 4 'Teeth' - Mimi and Pip brush Momo's monster teeth!
Talking Planet Gaelic Episode 5 'Hungry' - Mimi and Pip are hungry so Momo makes popcorn!