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link | Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig) | Children’s Audiobook in Scottish Gaelic (Leabhar-èisteachd chloinne ann an Gàidhlig na h-Alba)

Audiobook cover #525

Tha 'n Righ 'na phriosanach o chionn fhada, ann an slochd Spainnteach. Fhad 's a fhuair Uilleim Uinsbridhe, de chridhe a nighean buannachd. A-nis tha an Rìgh air ais agus bolg a’ Bhana-phrionnsa rèite beagan cruinn. Tha e airson a chrochadh! Tha a cridhe briste ach tha plana aig Uilleim airson a pòsadh.


#525 in the Bilingual Legends series. The King has long a prisoner been, in a dungeon over in Spain, while Willie of the Winsbury, of his daughter's heart took gain. Now the King has returned to find the betrothed Princess's belly a little round and decides to have Willie hung! Her heart is broken but Willie has a plan to marry her. But what if the stableman betrays him first?

Based upon the famous Childs' Ballad 100, this classic suspense-filled romance has been newly adapted to be set around horse riding, making it a perfect mystery for girls! Lavishly decorated throughout, the illustrator went well beyond the series' usual standard, making as much a delight to the eyes as to the heart.

The book is available through a variety of sellers, including ThriftBooks:

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The audiobook in Scottish Gaelic is only available through Soundwise:

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ISBN: 9781922758552 (print book)
ISBN: 9781922758507 (ebook)