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document | Lumbard Atlas (A9) feminine numbers and ordinary people, without any sort of declensions

Adelaide Alice Anna Campagnoli born 1973

Original languages and so the indigenous dialects are idioms of aboriginal peoples, who own an ancestral territory since the origin of the territory: they are not a minority (with an alien language) but an ancient nation with the language of own territory. Here the “romance” original languages (not neolatine) again in use on Alpine hinterland or, at best, into Romance Linguistic Dominion of Alps and Altaitalia, features an absolute lack of any sort of declensions, a demolition of many vowels and consonants, three feminine numbers, and a rural Calendar sinchronized by 2+2 equinoxes and solstices with a duodecimal mathematic build.

Lumbard portrait: Adelaide Alice Anna Campagnoli born 1973 on a “ringhiera” of via Campolodigiano (Milano/Mailand)