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link | Investigating Language Revitalization Activities during Covid-19

To what extent and how have endangered language communities been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? Typically, the most fluent speakers, holders of linguistic and traditional knowledge, are of the oldest generation, particularly vulnerable to Covid. In addition, minority communities are frequently disadvantaged and suffer from high levels of poverty and health problems such as diabetes. But communities also found imaginative ways to continue language revitalisation.

With this questionnaire we aim to compile a collection of best practices on how endangered language revitalisation activities managed to continue through the Covid-19 pandemic and how these could inform ways of dealing with potential future crises. By focusing on technology, we hope to discover ways that it could maintain, supplement and/or create networks of individuals of all ages interested in partaking in endangered languages revitalization activities and what implications this might have on minimising the 'Digital Divide' in such activities.

There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers should be the ones that are right for yourself. Participation is completely anonymous and voluntary, but we would welcome the chance to talk to you further. Please provide contact details if you would be interested in talking to us at the end of the survey.

Participation typically requires about 30 minutes. You are free to stop participating in the survey at any time.

Thank you for participating and/or circulating it.