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gallery | Intercultural Communication as a Factor in Strengthening National Unity

On March 1, 2024, a plenary session of the Forum of Native Language Teachers "Intercultural Communication as a Factor in Strengthening National Unity" was held at the Municipal Budget Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 64" in Ulyanovsk. Taking into account the importance of preserving and strengthening traditional family values, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, declared 2024 to be the Year of the Family in Russia. This fact allowed for an expansion of the participant category of the Forum. Not only were native language teachers invited to the forum, but also their families. The collaborative work of all forum participants contributed to a positive attitude towards family and marriage, as well as the strengthening of family relationships in the future.

Honored guests of the forum included representatives of national-cultural autonomies of the Ulyanovsk region, as well as leaders of local self-government bodies responsible for education management.

Irina Veniaminovna Kiseleva, Deputy Minister of Education and Upbringing of the Ulyanovsk Region, addressed the forum participants with a welcoming speech. Irina Veniaminovna presented letters of gratitude to native language teachers for their contributions to the development of the education sector, preservation of national cultures and traditions, and their many years of fruitful work in the field of ethno-cultural education for the younger generation.

National families, who shared the recipes for a happy family, were recognized with letters of gratitude from the Minister of Social Development of the Ulyanovsk Region for their worthy upbringing of children.

As part of the forum, national exhibitions representing the cultures of the Russian, Tatar, Chuvash, and Erzya peoples, as well as a national photo exhibition, were organized for native language teachers. Additionally, four sections were organized to share pedagogical experiences, during which the winners of the regional competition "Best Native Language Teacher" conducted master classes and discussed their experiences in preserving native language and culture.