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document | Foreword to Lumbard and Alpine prehistoric culture, through the rural Calendar: Calendario Campestre Alpino e Cisalpino. 01a

The Alps and Plain of Lombardy map

Lumbard and mailander or mailänder culture, like that of other dwellers on prehistoric Alpine hinterland, go back to various millennia before Julius Caesar well before all barbarian invasions, and are keeping memories now of some proverbs, rituals, words, customs ...and a “duodecimal” Calendar used by twelve numbers, ever synchronized by equinoxes and solstices. Unconscious, of course, despite they speak proverbs, and “switch” bonfires by no means in the same day, every year. Ever using the same prehistoric language recorded by ancient Roman explorers, constantly recreated ...that is “another” language which is delaying his fate. Official authorities accepted the Unesco “intangible cultural heritage” Covenant in 2007/2008 but deleted the words “indigenous communities” who will be enclosed “sine die” this way into museums. This rural Calendar memorized into Alpine hinterland will be detailed next by sketches, diagrams, and maps.