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document | A Gift from SLOVEnia to the World

Indigenous leadership is sustainable. That is why we included indigenous wisdoms, embedded in the words Aroha – Eb – Ikigai – Oikos – Ubuntu in to the AEIOU leadership model. Aroha comes from New Zealand, Eb from Central America, Ikigai from Japan, Oikos from Greece, and Ubuntu from South Africa.
Together they represent leading based on the energy of love, the comprehension of how everything is interconnected, meaningful work to accomplish the organization’s mission, responsibility for the well-being of everyone, and on developing relationships.
Every instance of progress – also the shift to sustainable leadership – begins with contemplating the necessary changes. When we convert our thought into spoken word, it gains power. Words are like base camps whence we can embark on the challenging paths that lie ahead.
Evolution into thinking and conscious organizations requires that we build new base camps and find new words for them so that we can upgrade the alphabet of leading with a new outlook on the quest of leaders.

AEIOU is the acronym of 5 indigenous words: aroha, eb, ikigai, oikos and unbuntu