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document | Intercultural communication as a factor in strengthening the unity of the people

Preservation of national values, creation of friendly alliances and unity of peoples are the tasks prioritized for the Ulyanovsk region. The plenary session of the Interregional Forum of native language teachers "Intercultural communication as a factor in strengthening the unity of the people" was held in the region on February 21, 2023 on the basis of the Center of Tatar Culture.

This year by the decision of the President was declared the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, which once again emphasizes the high status of the teacher in Russian society. The forum was timed to coincide with this event.

The participants of the Forum were representatives of national-cultural autonomies of the Ulyanovsk region, heads of local self-government bodies, managing in the sphere of education and pedagogical workers of general educational organizations of the Ulyanovsk region, as well as honored guests from neighboring Republics.

Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Korobko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech on behalf of Governor Alexey Russkikh.

"Preserving the unity of our multinational people is one of the main priorities of our policy. To achieve these goals and objectives, a number of very important legislative decisions have been recently adopted. Among them is the Decree approved by President Vladimir Putin on strengthening traditional values in Russia. Spiritual and moral values are the foundation of Russian society, which allows us to protect and strengthen Russia's sovereignty, ensure the unity of our multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country, preserve the people of Russia and develop human potential. And native languages are our common value, our common heritage, form the cultural, ethnic diversity and true wealth of Russia", - emphasized the Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Korobko.

Alexander Mikhailovich presented letters of thanks to native language teachers for their merits in the development of the education sector, preservation of national cultures and national traditions and many years of fruitful work on ethno-cultural education of the younger generation.

"It is symbolic that today's forum coincided with the Address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of state always pays close attention to this issue. One of the most important directions of the country's educational policy is the preservation and development of native languages, as this direction is a mirror of the people's soul. Today, a large number of educational programs have been adopted and methodological sets have been approved for more than 50 languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation. However, the preservation of native languages and their study in educational institutions is impossible without the support of the family. That is why the National Parents' Association now pays special attention to such an issue as involving parents in this sphere. And your region has a number of interesting methods to popularize this topic, which could be transferred to other subjects of the country", - said the head of the National Parents Association, a member of the board of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Alexei Gusev.

"In order to support creative teachers of native language, realizing in pedagogical activity the principles of bilingualism and dialogue of cultures, strengthening the role of teachers in the formation and implementation of language educational policy in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region, regional contests "The best teacher of native language", "The best room of native language" are held. This year by the decision of the Governor it was decided to increase the prize fund of the professional skills competition up to 100 thousand rubles in each nomination", - said the Minister of Education and Upbringing Natalia Semenova.

On the issue of interaction between the school and clergy to preserve and strengthen traditional spiritual and moral values in the framework of the Decree of the President of Russia № 809 of November 9, 2022 "On Approval of the Fundamentals of State Policy for the preservation and strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values" spoke: Archpriest Nikolai Arkhangelsky, dean of the 1 - g Simbirsk urban district; Safiullin Ildar Haji - Mufti, chairman of the Regional Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Ulyanovsk region.

Special attention was paid to the implementation of the action plan for the International Decade of Indigenous Languages in the Russian Federation in 2022 - 2032 in the Ulyanovsk region.

The guests of honor of the forum from the republics were:

- Ilgiz Ildarovich Khalikov, Head of the Department of National Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan.

- Isaev Yuri Nikolaevich, Rector of the Budgetary institution of the Chuvash Republic of additional professional education "Chuvash Republican Institute of Education" of the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic.