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Youth session on the ethno-cultural development of the indigenous peoples of the Republic of Karelia

Type: Event

09/08/2022 9:00 - 12/08/2022 13:00

Europe and North America | Petrozavodsk | Publishing House "Periodika"

Category: Others

Community event - Youth session

Languages: Karelian (Karelia), Veps, Russian

The youth session is designed to involve active youth representatives aged 18 to 35 from municipal districts in the Republic of Karelia in solving issues of ethnocultural development of the indigenous peoples of the republic, forming project teams ready to offer new solutions in this area.
It is planned to consider issues of preservation, development and popularization of the languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Republic, the development of Finno-Ugric cooperation, the use of Karelian and Veps languages in the media space, the development of tourism taking into account the peculiarities of culture, traditions and life of the indigenous peoples of the Republic of Karelia, the creation of new modern products taking into account the regional component.
Sections of the youth session: Languages, Journalism and Blogging, Promotion of Cultural heritage and Traditional Knowledge, Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts.