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The Meaning of Karelia as a Sign. Fenno-Ugria Conference

Conferences / Advisory Event

14/10/2022 14:00 - 17:00

Europe and North America | Tallinn | Estonian Writers' Union Black Ceiling Hall

International meetings

Languages: Karelian (Karelia)

Karelia has given Finns the Kalevala, while Kalevala has given us Kalevipoeg. It is a sign and at the same time a bridge between Estonia and Finland. But what is this Karelia?

What does this land represent, which is located between Russia and Finland, and which national border has been shifting from time to time, accompanied by violent battles? Both Russia and Finland have had their own significant interests in Karelia.

Is Karelia the cradle of cultural independence for the Finns and just a geopolitical conquest for the Russians? But what are the interests of the Karelians themselves, are there any questioners at all?

The presentations are in Estonian and Finnish, without translation.