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The 4th Ethno-dictation in the languages of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia

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20/02/2023 14:00 - 18:00

Global | Saint-Petersburg | Boris Eltsin Presidential Library

Community event - Representatives of Indigenous Peoples write the dictation on their native languages

Languages: Tofa, Evenki (Northern Siberia), Chukchi, Veps, Tundra Yukagir, Even (Siberia), Southern Selkup, Nivkh (Sakhalin), Udege, Ulcha, Nanay, Itelmen, Koryak, Dolgan, Nganasan, Northern Mansi, Northern Khanty, Tundra Nenets, North Saami, Southern Altay

The topic of the 4th Ethno-dictation is “Folklore heroes of my people”. History, customs, tradition, culture, attitude towards the world, wisdom and way of life are reflected in folklore. Folklore heroes  can be characters from fairytails and heroic epic stories, defenders of the Fatherland, as well as spirits and deities of the land where Indigenous peoples live.

Participants can learn stories about the heroes of their culture, check their native language knowledge level and communicate and share their impression of the event.