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Local Voices, Global Voice (Mexico)

Capacity building Event

19/09/2023 10:00 - 11:30

Latin America and the Carribean | Mitla | Jaime Torres Bodet Center in Mitla


Languages: English, Spanish, French

When SIL launched its participation in UNESCO’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages (IDIL) in June 2022, SIL Executive Director Michel Kenmogne announced a series of events to be held throughout the Decade to connect with partners, give a global update, and highlight different language communities around the world.  The first of these events will convene on 19 September 2023, in Oaxaca, Mexico. SIL and partners invite you to be join this gathering online. Participants will include representatives of indigenous groups, academics, policy makers, translators, and other stakeholders.

Objectives for the event:

  • Hear the voice of indigenous language speakers; and learn from their unique perspectives on the significance of indigenous languages to identity, wellbeing, and societal good.
  • Keep the language situation of the world –  with the trends of language extinction and language loss – in front of all decision makers, stakeholders and practitioners.
  • Share success stories of actions being taken around the world to maintain or increase language viability and vitality through translation, literacy, multilingual education, dictionary creation, etc.