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Language Keepers – Celebrating Newcomer and Indigenous Language Revitalization and Preservation

Conferences / Advisory Event

21/02/2024 0:00 - 0:00

Europe and North America | Gatineau, Quebec | Native Women Association of Canada

Consultative meeting

Languages: English, French, French Sign Language, American Sign Language

You are invited to join us for the fourth in-person Language Advocacy Day Canada (LAD24) event, proudly hosted by the Language Access Coalition of Canada (LACC). This inspiring gathering of language advocates and service providers will take place at the esteemed Native Women’s Association Centre in Gatineau, Quebec, on February 21, 2024, coinciding with International Mother Language Day, and followed by a virtual day of action on Canadian Language Advocacy Day, February 22nd, 2024.

Founded in 2021 to advance linguistic equity and inclusivity across Canada while fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse linguistic communities, the LACC has been playing a pivotal role in promoting Canadian language diversity. February 22nd, Canadian Language Advocacy Day (LAD) is envisioned as an annual platform for celebrating the rich, multilingual Canadian tapestry. This year’s focus is on language revitalization, both on the profound histories and vast knowledge of Indigenous languages as well as the efforts to promote mother languages in newcomer linguistic communities. Against the backdrop of the International Mother Language Day, participants will engage in enlightening discussions that underscore the critical need for access to and preservation of all languages while interacting with a vast network of language advocates and service providers addressing the industry’s changing needs and emerging opportunities. As we gather to honour and cherish the linguistic wealth of our communities, LAD24 promises to be a day of not only reflection and appreciation but also our collective commitment to fostering an inclusive, multilingual Canada.

Theme: Language Keepers – Celebrating Newcomer and Indigenous Language Revitalization and Preservation

“Language Keepers” is envisioned as an event dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of linguistic diversity in Canada through the revitalization and preservation efforts of Canadian Indigenous and newcomer languages. As we embark on a collective journey to celebrate language preservation and revitalization, we believe that we are contributing to a world where every language is a cherished piece of our shared human heritage. This year we are focusing on the profound significance and impact of linguistic heritage of particularly mother languages while fostering an atmosphere of appreciation, understanding, and dialogue on shared, common ground.

Join us for this unique, by-invitation opportunity to be a champion of language access and advocate for an inclusive, linguistically diverse future of Canada!

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