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African Languages Conference (AFLC) 2024

Conferences / Advisory Event

21/02/2024 0:00 - 28/02/2024 0:00

Africa | Accra | Virtual

International Congress

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Igbo, Wolof, Bulu (Cameroon), Nigerian Pidgin, Ewondo, Yoruba

Join us for the third edition of the African Languages Conference (AFLC)! The theme for AFLC 2024 is “African Languages: Challenges and Opportunities”. The event is a celebration of linguistic diversity and cultural richness which will take place from February 21 to 28 during African Languages Week. AFLC 2024 will be held primarily in African languages. This means that we encourage speakers and panelists to apply for sessions that will be fully held in their native languages.

You can apply to organize a panel discussion composed of three (3) panelists and a moderator for 1 hour and 30 minutes (including a 10-minute Q&A), or you can apply as an individual to make a presentation for 1 hour (including a 10-minute Q&A).

Our mission is to shed light on the vast tapestry of African languages, examining the challenges and opportunities they present in a rapidly changing world. This conference will be a remarkable gathering of language enthusiasts and cultural educators, language professionals, activists, and individuals from academia who are passionate about African languages. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of African languages and celebrate their diversity.


Event Details:

  • Theme: African Languages: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Date: February 21 – 28, 2024
  • Location: Virtual Conference
  • Website:
  • Registration deadline: November 30, 2023
NOTE: We are hoping to make this form available in other languages soon. Please email us at if you can volunteer to translate the form in your native language.